About Mozaico Flamenco


Our mission is to offer a rich transformative experience and a life-long journey of discovery and development to our students. At the vanguard of flamenco in BC for more than four decades, our approach is holistic, integrating flamenco dance with music so all levels of students can enjoy, grow and appreciate the art of flamenco.


At the heart of Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy is our philosophy – that flamenco is a truly global art form that inspires people from all walks of life. We are a welcoming, supportive community in which there is room for everyone, whatever their age, shape or background. It takes a village. We welcome you.

As we demand artistic excellence from our instructors, we also encourage each student to achieve their personal best. Flamenco is an individual journey. Each person is unique and will carve their own path. We support all levels of flamenco dancers from beginners to professionals, children and adults. We encourage dancers to take part in classes, group performances and fulfill their aspirations in solo performances. We celebrate that each person is a unique piece of the puzzle that creates our mosaic.

Our Approach

Technique. Students receive unparalleled foundational training in the techniques of flamenco dance including posture, footwork, arms, hands, torso, hips, turns and more! Flamenco has a beautiful aesthetic. Students receive a thorough breakdown in creating and executing flamenco movement.

Understanding. Students gain a deeper understanding of flamenco through handclapping, percussion, and the study of song forms and music. Along with cultural anecdotes from Spain and a wee bit of Spanish, students dig deeper into the art of flamenco and are set free to explore!

Integrity. Classes are taught to the highest technical and artistic standards so that students build a solid foundation and also cultivate a great respect for the art form.

Personal Touch. Since the Academy was first established, we have seen individuals transform their lives and their self-esteem through flamenco. Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy gives dancers the confidence and freedom to express themselves with dignity, integrity and individuality.

Knowledge and Creativity. Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy is defined by its amazing masterclasses that inspire creativity, camaraderie and individual expression. Mozaico is unique in Canada for encouraging students to become knowledgeable about dance and music structure.

What Makes Mozaico Special?

“Por Fiesta”: The Creative Soul of Flamenco

Famed for instruction in Bulerias de Jerez and Tangos por Fiesta, we model our “Por Fiesta” classes after those in Jerez de la Frontera where musicians are an integral and essential part of class. “Por Fiesta” classes explore musicianship and improvisation.

Students learn to appreciate the relationship between song, dance, percussion and guitar. They gain the knowledge and skill to express themselves by creating their own choreographies, ultimately becoming free and confident enough to improvise “in the moment”.

It is a fun, non-competitive learning environment where students can explore, improvise and create. Differences are celebrated, students encourage one another, and teachers are firm but supportive. With this kind of training, students can achieve their full potential and learn at their own pace.

“Cuadro”: Working Toward our Individual Performance Goals

For intermediate and advanced students seeking to perform solos, we offer “Cuadro” opportunities. Students are mentored by Kasandra “La China” and work in private lessons and small tutorials to realize their full potential.

In the “Cuadro” experience, our students are joined by the greater community of flamenco musicians including Vancouver’s professional guitarists, cajon players, palmeros and singers. We work with students to develop the art of accompanying one another with palmas and jaleo and are able to invite dancers to participate in shows at Vancouver’s regular “tablaos” such as the Kino Café and Chai Lounge. We also offer opportunities to work with high calibre guest artists and to participate in performances on larger theatre stages.


A moving force in the world of flamenco and Spanish dance for more than 40 years, Moziaco Flamenco has brought countless devotees to the art of flamenco.

Mozaico Flamenco had its beginnings in Los Angeles when Oscar Nieto founded his first school and company in 1972. Over the years it has evolved into Vancouver’s renowned Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy, established in 2002 by Oscar Nieto and Kasandra “La China”. The name “Mozaico” honors the mosaic of students from different backgrounds, ages, abilities and circumstances that are drawn to flamenco and are welcomed into the Mozaico community.

“Flamenco brings me into another dimension. It is so powerful. It has the ability to make me stronger when facing everyday life.”

– Martha

“Mozaico is about supporting each other, learning to listen to each other, and having pride in yourself and your community.”

– Kelty

“Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy is a community.  The classes are not just to learn to dance flamenco but to make friends.”

– Jhoely

“Flamenco is an existential experience that both lifts me and grounds me. It is fun and also cathartic.”

– Bethany

“What has kept me dancing at Mozaico for the last 14 years? The calibre of instruction, the inspiration, support and community I found here has changed my life.”

– Michelle

“Dancing at Mozaico is about being part of a family who is collectively passionate about flamenco yet embraces the uniqueness of each member.”

– Pam