Mozaico Flamenco has been a moving force in the world of Spanish dance for over 30 years, continuously pushing the outer edges of the artistic envelope, fusing dance, music and culture.

“Crackling hand claps, exploding heel beats, swirling flounces . . . ”

In 1972, Oscar Nieto created Mozaico de Danzas in Los Angeles, California. This ensemble performed a “mosaic” of Spanish Dances including classical, neo-classical, regional and flamenco. The group created a splash with its innovative choreographies, colourful costumes and blend of new sounds. In 1983, Oscar created Mozaico Flamenco in Vancouver, British Columbia. Far ahead of its time, he incorporated flamenco with heretical instruments such as electric guitar, base, congas and the cora, which are now currently used in flamenco music.

“. . . one of the most original and captivating artistic groups to appear in Canada for years!”

Today Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre’s produces engaging, artistic shows for Canadian audiences that promote flamenco as an art form. It has a reputation among local fans for producing performances of rare versatility, polish and exuberance. The company has performed with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and Vancouver Opera, and has appeared at countless venues including the Vancouver East Cultural Theatre, Norman Rothstein Theatre, Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver Playhouse, Arts Club Revue Theatre, Vanier Hall, Cowichan Theatre, Newcombe Theatre, Tidemark Centre, Canada Pavilion, Canada Place, Expo 86 and the Pacific National Exhibition. The result: Acclaim for Mozaico Flamenco and a new following for the art of flamenco in Canada.

And so the demand for Mozaico Flamenco continues to grow. It is a demand for stunning performances of traditional and contemporary flamenco, yet also for the striking originality of Mozaico Flamenco’s extension of the art through the introduction of Latin, jazz and Cuban rhythms. Ravishing costumes, breathtaking virtuosity, evocative vocalizing, electrifying footwork…audiences are mesmerized from the beginning and left jubilant at the end. Spellbinding!