Learning Bulerias Summer 2016

Mini blog about learning bulerias. This week I spent 3 days doing palmas with people from zero knowledge to people with 5 years experience and everybody learned what they did not know about solea, spb, alegrias and bulerias. I feel like palmas is a huge pandora’s box. Now that it is opened, it is a very big topic…palmas basic compas, palmas/jaleo for the dancing, palmas for music, palmas for recording, palmas with other people, palmas teams and complimentary soniquetes, contras, yada yada. I can’t make dancers care about palmas, but think about it…75% of my job is doing palmas for other people, the remaining 25% is dancing. LOL. This weekend, people are crash coursing bulerias and finding out what they do not know about bulerias por fiesta aka bulerias de Jerez. Again, another huge pandora’s box with its rules of engagement, basic pasos, remates, llamadas, communication, palmas/jaleo. I just love it and hope you will too. Join me August. I would say Level 1 is not really beginner, it is something like intermediate dancers but beginner brain for bulerias. https://www.facebook.com/events/1709667709300762/

Kasandra “La China”
Email: kasandra@mozaicoflamenco.com
Phone: 604-671-9182
FB: Kasandra Flamenco, Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy
Twitter: @mozaicoflamenco
Instagram: @mozaicoflamenco
Youtube: https://youtu.be/OFLgIeQn2oQ

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