Private Lessons & Mentorship

Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy offers private lessons with our award-winning instructors year-round. Students benefit enormously from one-on-one coaching to achieve their personal goals, receiving feedback, improving technique, constructing choreography and fine-tuning solos. Whatever your level, private lessons enable you to focus on your needs and aspirations.

Let us help you achieve your full potential! You can book one lesson to help you improve from time to time, or find a weekly private lesson timeslot to achieve your long term goals. Check out our instructors, Kasandra, Oscar, Andrea and Michelle.

Private lessons are offered by Vancouver’s highest level cuadro performers and are typically $60 + GST an hour.

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“Cuadro” Solo Program,
Director: Kasandra  “La China”

Beyond regular classes, Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy offers an amazing opportunity to develop “cuadro” skills working with live musicians with mentorship under Mozaico instructors. For Intermediate and advanced students, there is a personal, customized route to studying flamenco dance in private lessons. Whether preparing your first “tangos” or “bulerias” patada or developing a new solo, private lessons are available to aid you on your journey.

Cuadro Program 2018

Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy will present “CUADRO” on November 25, 2018 at the Norman Rothstein Theatre in Vancouver, BC. This is an elite solo showcase where students of intermediate and advanced level are presenting their solo work to the best of their ability. The “CUADRO” program is overseen by artistic director, Kasandra “La China”. In the past, we have showcased “CUADRO” at the Norman Rothstein Theatre 2016 and 2017, Waterfront Theatre 2015 and Presentation House in North Vancouver 2014 to standing ovation.

They are very successful events to promote the growth of flamenco in Vancouver, celebrate our love of pure flamenco cuadro and help dancers achieve their personal goals in solo performance. It is a special and important journey into flamenco, as true flamenco is dance soloist with live musicians including guitar, singer, palmas and percussion. The 2018 program will work with both local artists and guest singer TBA.

. To secure your cuadro spot, a cheque for $400 non-refundable deposit should be made to “Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy” or pay by email transfer to Visa and MasterCard payment can be made, add 4%.

The $400 participation fee includes theatre, stage manager, lighting technician, sound technician, administration and two dress rehearsals with musicians between November 19-25 and a technical rehearsal at the theatre.

The participant will be given 16 tickets to sell or give away as his/her responsibility to ensure the theatre has an audience. The participant will also be given posters and postcards for distribution and marketing. As this is an event for our students, it would be great to see the participants take ownership in the project to create a successful community event that continues each year.

1. Applicant Information

Please direct the following information to for programming.

  1. Name
  2. Solo – Which palo song form?
  3. Cuadro – Please identify if you would like to use a specific singer, guitarist, palmas, cajon
  4. Duration of Piece – No longer than 10 minutes maximum
  5. Props used – Manton, bata, fan, castanets, other.
  6. Special staging requirements
  7. Lighting requirements.
  8. Video – approximately $120 for 2 camera angles and editing by professional videographer.

This information will serve to consider which musicians are available for this event and how they will get paid. Participants are responsible for musicians but can share the cost of a musician. This can only be determined once the program is set.

2. Expectations and Budget

Developing a full solo is important work that requires dedication and discipline. In this process, students often learn that it becomes very consuming and requires time, personal practice and several trials. Students should be practising at least 3 times a week, and taking private lessons to choreograph or review choreographic structure or review artistic presentation.

In order to have a successful performance, we believe Cuadro costs a minimum of $2,000 per project. These numbers are based on what our student participants say from previous years. People can invest slowly over many months or else they are cramming last minute, creating a lot of stress but the budget is quite clear. If you cannot commit this time or budget at this time, it is better not to perform.

You must have a nice costume that fits the mood of your performance. Budget can range from $150 at the very least to $500+.

2. PRIVATE LESSONS: The budget is a minimum of $525. Private lessons with Kasandra “La China” and musicians is mandatory for artistic programming.

  • The minimum number of private lessons to budget is 5 at $60/hour + GST. This is IF the student already has existing choreography, experience performing solo and can execute. The more honest answer is anywhere from 10-40 hours.
  • Include live guitar at $40/hour + GST. 2018 guitarists TBA.
  • Include live singer at $30-$60 + GST/hour. We have an arsenal of local singers that are able to rehearse depending on their experience. Please budget for live cante practise. Guest singer for 2018 usually is billed at $60US/hour, TBA.
  • Practice Runs: We must schedule practice runs at Kino Café and/or Chai Lounge to have a higher level of preparedness. Minimum 1 or 2 before November 25. There will be no cost for this and is enormously beneficial for preparedness.

CHOREOGRAPHY FROM SCRATCH: Many students study year round to create a choreography just for them and work on their own material. If you have zero choreography and want to work with an instructor this is called mentorship. Private lessons like this are budgeted at $60 + GST/hour and regular weekly lessons are scheduled. Choreography is a joint process at takes a minimum of 20 hours and can be up to 40 hours.

CHOREOGRAPHIC STRUCTURE: If you are a student that has studied, has own choreography or a choreography set by another artist, this still requires artistic review and work with the musicians. See 2. Minimum is 5 hours.

CUADRO WORKSHOP: 6 weeks leading up to the event, we will hold small groups to work with musicians. We have found that people that do 6-12 cuadro workshops are enormously successful in the performance. The budget is $336 for 6 week program but based on musician availability and musician roster. NOTE: In 2017, we did not have any students that wanted to take advantage of the cuadro workshop and all students opted for for private sessions with mentor and musicians. This workshop is dependant upon student needs.

3. Palos

The show can only have maximum two of the same palo. For November 25, please consider your palo because they will be allocated, first come first served as the cuadro deposit of $400 is made.

Past Palos: Alegrias, Caña, Cantiñas, Fandangos, Farruca, Garrotin, Guajira, Petenera, Seguiriyas, Solea, Solea por bulerias, Tangos, Tango de Malaga, Tientos

4. Videographer

To commemorate the event, we have hired a videographer in the past that has mixed 2 video angles for your dance. As this is a serious achievement, it is best to budget $120 for custom video. Cost was $115.50 in 2017.

5. More Information

Thank you for your interest in the Cuadro Program and wishing you the best in your flamenco journey.

Kasandra “La China”