Sevilla meets Mozaico Flamenco Village

By Andrea Williams
March 20, 2011

Mozaico-Andrea-Sevillanas-2011-1The studio was warmed up to springtime in Sevilla on Sunday night as Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy students gathered for the year’s first Sevillanas party.

Due to popular request, Michelle and Andrea first taught a crash course review of coplas three and four.  As the evening progressed the cava was opened, the food brought out, and the candles lit. Longtime community members Gerardo Alcala, Andrew “El Toro” Klukas, and Kelty McKerracher showed up to add some extra fun, enthusiasm, and flavour to the evening!

Mozaico-Andrea-Sevillanas-2011-2Sevillanas madness ensued! I was reminded of the casetas in Sevilla where I was at this time last year.   What a great way to usher in spring and welcome new members to our Flamenco Community!

Our one man band, Gerardo Alcala…when is he going to dance?

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