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Adela Campallo Summer Workshops

Special thanks to Adela Campallo who came to Vancouver to teach with all her passion and coraje. We enjoyed the workshops very much here and hope you come back to share more with us in the future! The great bailaora Adela Campallo was in Vancouver teaching flamenco dance workshops at Mozaico Flamenco. I’ve been looking […]

Bon voyage Michelle Harding!

Michelle Harding is known for her fiery and passionate baile. One of the teachers at Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy she is beloved by our community! We are proud as she is the recipient of a study grant to further her flamenco journey from the Canada Council for the Arts. Thank you to CC! Bon […]

Learning Bulerias Summer 2016

Mini blog about learning bulerias. This week I spent 3 days doing palmas with people from zero knowledge to people with 5 years experience and everybody learned what they did not know about solea, spb, alegrias and bulerias. I feel like palmas is a huge pandora’s box. Now that it is opened, it is a […]

New Video: Calle Carmen, Kasandra Flamenco Ensemble

Original musical composition by Liron Man Kasandra “La China”, flamenco dancer Liron Man, guitar Jafelin Helten, singer Davide Sampaolo, percussion KASANDRA FLAMENCO ENSEMBLE Excerpt from “Solo Flamenco” Presentation House Theatre, North Vancouver, BC, Canada August 2015 www.kasandraflamenco.com Videography by Valeriy Orlov, Julia Ivanova, Timur Seyfi Video Directing, Editing and Effects by Timur Seyfi

Motivation & Inspiration

by Kasandra “La China” July 18, 2012 Motivation and inspiration were never a problem for me in the years before kids.  I went to Spain every year for a couple of months to study with great artists, wandered around Spain, drank a lot of cafe con leche, absorbed the culture through my pores and saw […]